Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hi there

Leza here. I was raised by a film major mother to think that it's only film if it is Hitchcock, Kubrick, Bergman or Goddard. I didn't even see Nightmare on Elm Street til college for fuck's sake! Gradually my eyes were opened to a whole new realm of deviant sexuality, bizarre psychology and just good plain antisocial fun. When scouring the dollar movie bins (mostly due to being broke) Garrett and I both dove deeper into the countless gems forgotten by distribution rights. Movies without big budgets, Monogram and Corman movies made in a week, and found films that really stand the test of time. I think my favorite are the ones that seem like a different film each time you see it, mostly because it is so chaotic and oddly structured.
There was Christmas movie called The great Rupert, that I was convinced had a magical guardian angel squirrel who was answering a family's desperate prayers, untill I finally watched it sober and found out the squirrel was simply doing some housecleaning 'cause the landlord next door kept on stuffing his loot in his cubby.
When you watch some of these movies, the assertion by Michel Medved that Plan Nine from Outer Space is the worst film of all time is laughable. Plan Nine looks like Citizen Kane compared the vapid Holywood shit that is shoved at us every day, as well as the denizens of low budget nightmares that only those who scour the dollar bins will find.
I hope you'll join us on this little excursion to the wrong side of the film tracks. Enjoy!

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  1. This squirrel is also a claymation squirrel, which is fucking creepy. I do not like Rupert, although his heart seems to be in the right place. I like Jimmy Durante, though. That dude is Christmas incarnate for most people.