Sunday, April 18, 2010

Savage Weekend

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I talked to Leza about what we should start off with and we began by thinking the film Wages of Sin (2006) might be a good start, but we were concerned that somebody might end up watching it. Don't watch Wages of Sin. Really, just don't. If you think you want to just because I recommend not watching it, follow this blog for awhile. Look at the crap I'm willing to watch. It's not like sex, in this case, no means no. Then, I suggested The Manipulator starring Mickey Rooney. I've wanted an excuse to finish watching this film and the moral support to face my elfin nightmare. Leza wanted no part of it. At least not this time. We went through some other titles that we'll probably talk about later but none of them seemed quite right. Until Savage Weekend (1979) came up. Savage Weekend is directed by way cool pervert David Paulsen and stars the awesome William Sanderson from Blade Runner and every tv show that needs a softspoken redneck for twenty minutes. He also did a voiceover for Batman: The Animated Series, which is interesting, but not very.
Savage Weekend is the story of five city folk whose names I forget because I've been drinking. I refuse to look them up, even though I doublechecked William Sanderson on IMDB. I could have easily done so, and yet I didn't. So, deal with it. The city folk include: Cocktease Divorcee, the protagonist of the story (maybe), her uninteresting new boyfriend Upright Stockbroker, her sister Vapid Slut, her sister's sometime lover and friend to Upright Stockbroker, Sleazy Stockbroker and her sister's best friend Homosexual Caricature. Things start off with Cocktease Divorcee running as a mysterious Upstate Man looks on ominously, chainsaw in hand? What happened? You'll have to find out later. The action shifts to a wideopen and yet claustrophobic apartment you've ever seen, meet up with Cocktease Divorcee's ex husband who takes his son for the (Savage) weekend. Then, with the annoying child out of the way, they set off for the country, domain of the awesome Upstate Man. Upstate Man is my favorite superhero. He builds boats, misspells the word whore when branding his cousin as he rapes her, talks to his dead brother, has his own Jackson Browne style theme song that plays constantly and rides a bicycle. He also owns a chainsaw, which those who know me will tell you scores big points with me. Forget the Batman/Captain America debate. Upstate Man fuckin' wins. They also meet Mustachioed Handyman who has a thing for Cocktease Divorcee because her breasts are perfectly round and she smells nice, I guess. I see no other reasons to like this woman. Also, when they arrived a bat was pinned to their door. Homosexual Caricature, who acts like a cross between Buddy Cole from Kids in the Hall and Johnny Slash of Square Pegs makes a joke about the bat. It's not particularly funny and beneath your attention. This was before Upstate Man and has nothing to do with him. So, could be much cooler. Perhaps Upstate Man could have said something ominous about the bat. But he didn't, so the scene suffers.
Then they go fishing, Vapid Slut has sex and everybody meets Upstate Man, who is working on Upright Stockbroker's boat. They are not as impressed as I am. In fact, they're very condescending. Which is one of the interesting things about this movie. During the seventies, you see a lot of urban horror and a lot of redneck horror, but seldom do you see urban horror in a redneck horror setting, which Savage Weekend does in a very unique way. As the film goes on, you see the perversions of the city folk surfacing, seeing that they are the ones from the heart of darkness and not Upstate Man and Mustachioed Handyman. You watch as Cocktease Divorcee tests Mustachioed Handyman's limits during some fetishized cow milking, you see the look on Homosexual Caricature's face as he watches Vapid Slut and Sleazy Stockbroker carry on and you see Vapid Slut and Sleazy Stockbroker tease, use and hurt each other. As the film goes on, a masked pervert creeps through the house, watching the city folk and eventually doing much more. Could this be Upstate Man, who has a history or rape, talks to dead people and does not respond well to these city folk getting the boat his brother once worked on? You'll have to watch to find out. This movie is full of kink ranging from Homosexual Caricature and Vapid Slut doing some puzzling Rocky Horror type thing to the aforementioned milking scene and some very good kills that I don't wish to spoil. Savage Weekend is food for thought and the id alike, the anti-Deliverance, the anti-TCM. The rape isn't out in the woods, it's in us and no amount of sophistication can change that.

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