Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm Garrett Cook, Bizarro writer, cult film buff and gelato enthusiast. For ages I've been wanting to collaborate with my girlfriend, Leza Cantoral on a film based thing. We've tried several times, but never quite got it down. Well, we're ready to commit now and are bringing you commentary and debate about some of the worst crap Mill Creek and their brethren have dredged from the depths of the cinematic quagmire. We're also proud to announce that Bizarro author and Karate Kid 3 scholar Jordan Krall will be here to help us. Once a week, we'll also discuss a palate cleansing piece on a vintage horror, splatstick or noir classic. So get ready for insightful commentary, raucous debate and all around insanity. I know I am. Almost. I've gotta get ready first. But I'm ready to be ready.

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